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Top mistakes you make when promoting your business

For many of us finding the perfect advertising opportunity can be difficult.  The first and primary thing that business owners will focus on are signs and graphics austin.  With signs and graphics, you are able to have a clear message that will entice your potential prospects to purchase your products.  For people looking to promote their business here are some areas you don’t want to do.

signs and graphics austin

Don’t clutter your messages

One of the biggest issues people have is they will try to put everything and anything in their messages.  You don’t want to do this, you want to have your messages simple and clear.  When using your words don’t use fancy fonts, with graphics have them spaced out and don’t use harsh colors. 

Find the right size

When creating your messages don’t have odd sizes.  When picking the size for your signs, you want it to be large enough to fit in your message, doesn’t have a lot of white space and really harsh on the eyes.  You will also want to know what the distance will be for your sign and your prospects.  If you have a sign that is going to be on the side of the road you want your sign to be large enough to be seen from a distance but can be read clearly in a wide range of situations.  A sign is worthless if you can’t read it.

Test your ads

One thing that you do want to do is test your ads and test your messages.  Putting a lot of time and effort into creating your promotions and not have them work for you isn’t cost effective.  What you will want to do is take your ads and your ideas and see which ones will give you the best conversions.  Once you have a winner then you will go and create your signs.

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