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Common Cavity Questions

Your teeth are a bit of a mystery that only your dentist seems to know much about. However, in order to take the best care of your teeth, you need to understand how to keep them clean and healthy. Cavities are one thing that can damage your teeth, so you should make sure you visit your dentist on a yearly basis to check for cavities and other dental issues.

What’s a Cavity?

A cavity is an area of a tooth that has been damaged due to bacteria that is present in the mouth. This bacteria reacts with saliva and the food left in our mouths, turning into acid and eating away at the enamel on teeth once it develops into plaque. Plaque then burrows further into teeth, causing a hole known as a cavity.

How Are Cavities Detected?

Cavities can be detected by your dentist when you go in for a regular check up, but you may also notice symptoms of a cavity before heading to the dentist. Common cavity signs include sensitivity in teeth or pain when eating foods that are hot, sweet, or cold. Sometimes, symptoms do not appear at all and you can have several cavities with no knowledge of them.

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How to Treat Cavities

To treat cavities, a cavity filling pomona is required. A filling does just what the name says – it fills in the area of the tooth that has been affected by the cavity. Before the filling is applied, though, your dentist will clean the tooth and get rid of lingering bacteria.

Cavities are nothing to be afraid of, so speak with your dentist about maintaining your oral health and how you can prevent cavities. If a cavity needs to be filled, you can be sure that the procedure will be as comfortable and painless as possible.

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